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Vintage has an alternative to expensive EpiPens

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Drugmaker Mylan said on Monday August 29th that it will offer a generic version of the life-saving allergy treatment EpiPen for half the list price of the brand-name treatment, after it became the center of a national controversy over skyrocketing drug prices.

Mylan’s multiple increases over the years have resulted in a list price of about $600 for a two-pack of the emergency injection treatment, up from about $100 in 2009.

$600 to dispense a $2 drug - Epipens

Mylan said Monday that it will offer a generic version of the life-saving allergy treatment EpiPen for half the list price of the brand-name treatment (approximately $300).

While we at Vintage Direct Primary Care are glad that a cheaper alternative to the existing pen will be released, we always search for new ways to provide value to our patients.

For adults who currently carry an EpiPen and are willing to consider being trained in the “old fashioned way” of giving oneself an epinephrine shot for life threatening emergencies, and for adults who are willing to be trained by us on how to do the same for their children (can’t do this at school unfortunately), we offer this as an alternative – a $2.50 ampule of epinephrine that can be self-administered by syringe and needle – contains adequate volume of epinephrine for either a standard child or adult dose:


Two ampules (like having two EpiPens) cost our members $5. Yep, $5.

Each vial has a shelf life of up to two years. EpiPens typically expire yearly.

We’ll place a syringe, epinephrine ampule, necessary needles to draw up the solution and administer the shot, alcohol swab, small gauze pad, instructions for use, all in a small, convenient plastic case (about the size of an Altoids box) and make a little “EpiPack” for you. If you end up using the needle and syringe you can bring them back to the clinic in the tin to dispose of, and we’ll make you a new replacement Epipack.

$3.50 per pack to cover the cost of the plastic tin, the medication and all supplies. There’s no mark up on this 🙂

If you are interested, please get in touch with us and we’ll set up an easy training appointment for you.

Think about it. $7, for two kits lasting up to two years, to avoid paying for a $300-600 drug yearly. You can save enough money by not paying for EpiPen to pay for a full year of membership in a clinic where you know your doctor and your doctor knows you! Know any friends or family who would like to be part of this kind of clinic? We’d be glad to add to our membership new patients who want to take advantage of values like this.

Thank you for continuing to trust us with your medical care
(and as always please let us know how we can serve you better)

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