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Direct Primary Care makes patients lives easier!

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It’s always fun when we can make a patient’s care easier.

So far this morning I’ve had two patients who called in for same day appointments, one for a toe injury and one for a rash.

In the insurance world they would likely either be double booked into a busy schedule or sent to a walk in clinic, probably waiting around to be seen in either case. In the insurance world “in person” visits are the only way a doctor gets paid — submitting a charge through a complicated, rule laden insurance process.  HMOs of course don’t charge per visit, but good luck seeing the same doctor each and every time you have a need for medical care.

I had each patient send me a digital photograph of their problem.

I was able to identify, diagnose and treat the problems with a return phone call in one case and a return email in the other.  Neither patient needed to come in to the office and their problems were addressed within minutes.

This is why Direct Primary Care is taking over the country — patients are once again the most important part of “the health care system”.  The patient’s needs are met in ways that cannot happen in “the system”.

I’m so happy that this free market solution to healthcare has arisen.

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