Vintage Direct Primary Care Kingston

Vintage Direct Primary Care’s Kingston Office is Open!

Vintage Direct Primary Care Kingston is open for business.   The office is staffed by Jillian Rutherford, PA and her patient care coordinator Christina Morales.

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Laughter is Good Medicine

I recently saw a four-month-old baby boy for his well child checkup.

Newborns are oblivious to the environment around them.  They can perceive sights (though everything is quite blurry), sounds, and other bodily sensations, but they don’t interact socially with their parents or their doctor.

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How should we be eating?

Sadly, today it seems you can read just about anything and everything about “how to eat properly”.  Books and diets abound. As a family doctor I try to read as much as I can about the science and physiology of how our bodies work.  There’s a lot to “digest”.

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