Small Business Memberships


We love working with small businesses. Our medical clinic model is simple and straightforward, and is an opportunity for small businesses to offer an inexpensive and comprehensive health benefit to employees. Many small businesses can no longer afford a full insurance plan for their employees. Direct Primary Care can take care of most of an employee's needs.


For a monthly fee of $65 per employee, charged simply and automatically to the employer on the first of each month, we provide full service primary care (basically anything you’d go to your regular doctor for). We dispense generic medications in the office at wholesale prices and offer extremely inexpensive lab testing (those charges are employee responsibilities outside of the monthly fee). We also have access to discounted cash prices for specialty care if needed.


We believe in win-win relationships. Small business memberships are good for us, good for the employee, good for the employer and good for the vendors we use for medications and labs.

Office Procedures Included in Our Membership

Pap smears

Skin biopsies

Laceration repairs (stitches or "skin glue")

Skin abscess drainage

Precancerous skin treatments (freeze therapy)

Wart removal

Ingrown toenail removal

Joint injections

Massage chair

Earwax cleaning


Pulmonary Function Testing

Anticoagulation monitoring ("Coumadin testing")

Strep tests

Pregnancy tests


We offer small business memberships to companies with 3 or more employees.

References available by request.

We'd love to become your employee medical home.  Please call us at 360-930-3500 if you'd like more information, or fill out the form below and we'll get back to you.