Questions and Answers

No, we don't. Our care is not expensive and there are no hidden fees.  We believe that co-payments, insurance hassles for doctors and patients, and mystery billing from insurance companies act as barriers for patients seeking appropriate care.
None. Your membership covers any and all office visits. Also, if we can make care more convenient for you through text messaging, email, or a secure video visit then we will.  A membership means we are here to meet your needs for a predictable monthly fee.

You will pay the same monthly fee as a non-Medicare patient. The monthly fee is not reimbursable to you by Medicare. We will ask you to sign a waiver stating that you will not submit our charges to Medicare for reimbursement.

Medicare and any supplemental insurance you have will still cover medical costs that you incur outside of Vintage Direct Primary Care. There is NO difference in how outside clinics bill Medicare for their services to you.

You have access to your provider after hours and on weekends by text, email, or voice message. If you are sick or injured we are here for you! Because we value family time and a healthy work/life balance, non-urgent communications will be followed up during business hours.
Yes. Direct Primary Care is not insurance.

Although we can take care of most of your medical needs you still need protection for major medical problems that may strike. We recommend pairing your DPC membership with either a high deductible insurance plan or with a health sharing plan such as Sedera Health or any of the Christian Health sharing plans.

Not for our services at Vintage Direct Primary Care, but you can use your insurance anywhere else you might receive care or medical services.
If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, Vintage Direct Primary Care will work closely with that specialist. Because we are not affiliated with any other healthcare system, we can decide together who will best serve your needs.

We have negotiated cash prices for labs not done in the clinic. These are typically 80-90% less than "insurance prices."

This is a huge benefit for members of Direct Primary Care.  We are able to offer wholesale prices on generic medications which we dispense in office.  We shop multiple wholesalers to provide you medication for the lowest possible prices.


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