Routine Medical Care Has Become Overpriced, Inconvenient and Impersonal

How is Vintage Direct Primary Care Different?

Our Prices Are Simple

Think about how you access entertainment.  You pay Netflix a set amount each month to stream as much or as little content as you want.  Pay your DPC doctor a set monthly amount and you can access care as often as you want it or need it. Our monthly fee includes checkups, routine visits, sick visits, virtual visits and in-office procedures.  We even make house calls!  We pass on savings to patients with generic medications dispensed in the office and steeply discounted cash prices for laboratory tests.

It's About YOUR Schedule

Medical care is no longer convenient. You shouldn’t wait weeks or months for an appointment. You deserve 30 to 60 minute office visits.  You shouldn’t have to go to an urgent care center just because your doctor doesn’t have any appointments. Our DPC patients enjoy short waits and long appointments. We limit our practice sizes in order to make this all possible.  Insurance is a great tool, but not for primary care.  DPC patients only use insurance for the big stuff.

We Treat You Like Family

Personal care is ultimately at the heart of Direct Primary Care.  Each patient has their own story to tell.  It takes time for us to learn your story.  We’ve created a clinic that gives our doctors the time to listen to you.  We think you should be able to see YOUR doctor in the office and talk to YOUR doctor after hours. Our doctors know our patients because we spend time building relationships.   We’ve proven every day since 2016 that care can be affordable, personal and timely.

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a membership-based healthcare model. A membership is an automatic monthly payment from patient to doctor, on a debit card, credit card or draft on a bank account, just like having a set monthly payment for a cell phone or cable TV bill.  Patients autopay once a month and then don’t have to worry about charges whenever they need care.

We believe that co-payments, insurance hassles, and mystery billing from insurers have become barriers that can deter patients from seeking medical care.  By using insurance only for serious illnesses elsewhere in the medical system, DPC clinics free patients from the financial worry of a copayment for each visit or generating unpredictable charges each time they see a doctor.  Free of insurance-dictated rules, DPC doctors and patients can make decisions together that are best for the patient, not just what an insurance company will allow.

Because a DPC practice doesn’t bill insurance, we have the ability to negotiate directly with lab facilities to get cash prices for our members that can be 80-90% off of “insurance prices”.  Because we can dispense medications in the office, we can shop multiple wholesale distributors around the country to get incredibly low prices for generic medications.

We believe that when our members have easy access to a DPC clinic coupled with either a high deductible medical insurance plan or a medical cost-sharing network for major healthcare needs, they can save money while receiving excellent healthcare and comprehensive coverage.

Membership Pricing

0 - 20 Years of Age
21 - 40 Years
41 - 64 Years
65 - 99 Years
100+ Years


      • There are no copays for office visits, home or nursing home visits.
      • Your membership is on a month by month basis. We do not believe in locking patients into long term contracts.

*with at least one paying adult family member